Secure Training Document Delivery for Your On-Line Courses

Secure document delivery is the best way to ensure the training materials for both your instructor led and on-demand on-line courses get to your students quickly and cost effectively, while protecting your intellectual property. 

Our newest version of OnSecure offers an on-demand, pay-as-you-go solution for sending your courseware quickly and securely to students and partners world-wide.

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Unsurpassed Document Security

  • Protect, control and track your training documents – wherever they go.
  • Protection and control are provided throughout the documents’ entire lifecycle.
  • Restrict recipients from copying, editing, printing or forwarding training materials.
  • Set document expiration dates.
  • Apply watermarks to documents.
  • Track each interaction with a document.
  • Change document permissions dynamically, giving users and administrators the power to wipe out documents at any time – even after they have been downloaded!
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