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Print Abides

Have you noticed that people who shout, “Print’s not dead!” tend to be printers or those who make their living off of print? It’s not a coincidence. Fighting for your livelihood is practical. And noble.

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Print, the Comeback Kid

Maybe you want to reconsider jumping on that “digital-above-all” bandwagon. There are indications of late that printed materials are still quite effective in marketing campaigns.

Here are some recent news items about printed materials used for marketing that are worth a look-see:

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Rock on, Print Marketing. Rock on.

To be honest, coming across news that points to the power of print marketing makes our day. Even though print’s reputation has been taking a beating, we stand behind our belief that marketers will be successful through the use of print in their campaigns.

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Startling Facts about Direct Mail

Just when you think you’re ready to pull the plug on direct mail, you read some success story or spy some blog post about how effective it can be.

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5 Ways that Print Marketing Beats Digital Marketing

1. Print gets delivered where you want.

Everyone has a mailing address. Whether your target list is for current customers only, or for warm prospects, or you’re purchasing or renting a new list, you know where your printed pieces are going. The mail has to be delivered. Compare that with an email campaign. No matter how clever the content, how valuable the offer, how cool the HTML design, your email to prospects has a good chance of being caught in a spam filter, deleted or just overlooked.

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Print is Not Dead!

The demise of print has been in the news a lot lately. On July 25, The Onion (satire!) reported the death of Print at the age of 1,803. Today, the NY Times website was down for 2 hours, prompting much noise about the value of a printed copy of the newspaper, which all concluded was better with a cup of coffee anyway.

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