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The 5 Most Critical Design for Print Tips

For whatever reason, printers seem to get blamed for all kinds of printing bloopers. We’re all familiar with the phrase “printing mistake” or “printer’s error” in news stories about embarrassing or expensive printed mistakes. It somehow always boils down to the printer, regardless of who else might have handled the job.

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How Do I Know If My File Is Print-Ready?

Getting your electronic file ready to send to a commercial printer is a matter of “dotting i’s and crossing t’s,” as it were. You have to be careful and take certain steps to ensure that the file is print ready. If you don’t, you’ll delay production – and you might end up compromising the print quality of your job.

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How to Choose a Graphic Designer for Your Direct Mail Project

Don’t have a “go-to” designer or a creative agency with which you work? No worries. There are some handy tips to help you choose the right graphic designer for a direct mail project.

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