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Fun With Training Vouchers - CEdMA Spring 2015

Thanks for having us at the Spring 2015 CEdMA Conference.  Below is the slide deck presented during the conference.


Training Voucher Programs enable Education Services teams to:   

  • Drive additional training revenue
  • Increase access to training
  • Increase certification rates
  • Include training in sales incentive programs
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Did You Know There’s a Professional Organization Just for Training Execs in Tech?

There are lots of organizations for professionals who are training executives, but did you know there’s one that caters strictly to those in the tech industry?

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How to Tell If Your Courseware Management Program Is Serving You Well

If the education services your company offers is growing, and you’re adding more training courses in more locations and perhaps even in different languages, you need a system to manage this content for you.

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Voucher Programs = Peace of Mind for Training Organizations

If you’re in the business of selling software or hardware, you’re also in the business of training. You probably have a considerable amount of training materials, which may be printed materials or electronic documents – or both.

Whatever format they  take, training organizations need a system for managing and distributing training materials quickly, securely, and cost effectively. This is especially challenging if you have voucher programs, which offer prepaid classes or certification exams via redemption of a code.

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9 Reasons Education Services May Need a Courseware Management Program

Experienced Educations Services teams know that print & fulfillment of training manuals can be one of your largest expenses. A comprehensive Courseware Management Program can help you gain control over these costs. But how do you know that a comprehensive Courseware Management Program is right for you? Browse through this slideshare to learn the top 9 reasons why a courseware management program may be needed.

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Are Nightmares about International Shipping Keeping You Up?

Companies that produce training materials and other time-sensitive documentation for a global audience need to feel 100% confident that their materials will be delivered where they’re needed, when they’re needed. And not a day later.

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Thanks for having us at the CEdMA Spring Conference!

We recently had the opportunity to sponsor the 2014 CEdMA spring conference in San Jose, which was hosted inside the beautiful Brocade building. CEdMA (the Computer Education Management Association) is the foremost organization for training executives and managers within technology companies. If you are an education management professional for a software or hardware manufacturer that delivers training on your products, than you are a perfect candidate for CEdMA.

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Managing your courseware as you mature from start-up to enterprise

Most training teams at high tech companies start out fairly small doing everything in-house themselves. In start-up mode, training managers are required to wear multiple hats, responsible for not only curriculum development, technical writing, and conducting training but also for identifying and scheduling training locations, ordering catering, and printing & shipping training materials. They have to handle all of the other day-to-day operations necessary in establishing, running and growing a world class Education Services business.

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Announcing Beta Release of OnCourse, Custom Courseware Software

OnFulfillment is excited to announce the beta release of our newest software offering for our Education Services clients - OnCourse!

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eBooks for Learning Survey: Can We Call That an L-Book?

Many of our training clients are shifting more and more of their printed courseware to an "eBook" format. Delivering courseware in an electronic format allows information to be shared more easily, can be less expensive than print, and removes the issue of wasting printed materials that are obsolete.

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