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Can Your Fulfillment Partner Integrate with Your Shopping Cart?

If you’re an online merchant, your web site’s tools are critical. How customers process their purchases is a significant concern. This step must be easy, intuitive, and seamless. That's just for starters.

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For the Love of Fulfillment: What’s It All About?

“Fulfillment” is a funny word. When you hear it, you might picture something soothing that relates to personal fulfillment – anything that brings you closer to complete happiness. (Can we get an “Om…..”?)

But “order fulfillment” is a whole other story. In commerce, it describes a company, department or service that processes orders for products and delivers them.

If you’re the one placing an order, and the company providing this service gets it right, you get what you ordered when you expect it, and it’s in pristine shape.

Some might say that’s also a kind of “complete happiness.” For sure, if you don’t get what you’ve ordered, or get it too late, or it’s damaged, it’s often a complete nightmare. 

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Your Commercial Printer Will See You Now. Say “Aah.”

Marketers are skeptical about sharing too much information with their service providers. We get it. We know you have budget guidelines and other proprietary information about your business that should be held close to the vest.

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3 Postal Work-Sharing Terms Every Marketer Should Know

USPS rates are going up. Again. First-class rates will go up on January 26, 2014. Key pricing, according to the USPS web site, will be as follows:

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10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hiring Any Printer

As a marketer, you’re probably being wooed by commercial print reps every week. They all promise to put customers first. They all profess to have state-of-the-art equipment. They all vow to have competitive pricing.

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Smart Marketers Choose Printers with Muscle

All printers print well. Some deliver good quality; some deliver better quality; and some are truly stellar. But thanks to advanced printing technology, most printers in 2013 do a decent job. When looking at a buffet of print collateral, most marketers can’t tell the difference between samples – or know who printed what.

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OnFulfillment Customers Helping Customers

Our favorite kind of customer or potential customer at OnFulfillment is one that wants to take advantage of all the resources that we have to offer. These are not just our technology, experience and global facilities, but our 80 plus customers and their willingness to share best practices with our other customers. Of course, this would not be the case if they are competitors! But our customers sharing ideas with each other has tremendous benefits.

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