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3 Postal Work-Sharing Terms Every Marketer Should Know

USPS rates are going up. Again. First-class rates will go up on January 26, 2014. Key pricing, according to the USPS web site, will be as follows:

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How to Choose a Graphic Designer for Your Direct Mail Project

Don’t have a “go-to” designer or a creative agency with which you work? No worries. There are some handy tips to help you choose the right graphic designer for a direct mail project.

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Startling Facts about Direct Mail

Just when you think you’re ready to pull the plug on direct mail, you read some success story or spy some blog post about how effective it can be.

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4 Handy Tips for Making Your QR Code a Success

More and more marketers are using QR codes on their direct mail campaigns. And why not? These little black-and-white (for the most part) squares of code are cool. They make print interactive. They open up the possibilities of sharing sites and sounds (sorry, bad pun) that a static printed piece can’t do on its own.

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5 Ways that Print Marketing Beats Digital Marketing

1. Print gets delivered where you want.

Everyone has a mailing address. Whether your target list is for current customers only, or for warm prospects, or you’re purchasing or renting a new list, you know where your printed pieces are going. The mail has to be delivered. Compare that with an email campaign. No matter how clever the content, how valuable the offer, how cool the HTML design, your email to prospects has a good chance of being caught in a spam filter, deleted or just overlooked.

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Smart Marketers Choose Printers with Muscle

All printers print well. Some deliver good quality; some deliver better quality; and some are truly stellar. But thanks to advanced printing technology, most printers in 2013 do a decent job. When looking at a buffet of print collateral, most marketers can’t tell the difference between samples – or know who printed what.

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Marketing Your Event? Let Print Help Make It a Success!

If you’re participating at an upcoming event where you hope to meet and attract top prospects, use every available marketing tool to help drive your success there. Event participation is pricey, what with the cost of exhibiting, travel expenses, staff time spent out of the office and on the show floor, entertaining customers, and outfitting your booth or display table.

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Print is Not Dead!

The demise of print has been in the news a lot lately. On July 25, The Onion (satire!) reported the death of Print at the age of 1,803. Today, the NY Times website was down for 2 hours, prompting much noise about the value of a printed copy of the newspaper, which all concluded was better with a cup of coffee anyway.

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