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Marketing Portal Requirements Checklist

Sure, it can be overwhelming to consider all of the options when you’re shopping for a marketing portal. The terminology is inconsistent from company to company, making it more difficult to figure out what a particular portal solution will provide.

So we thought it made sense to create this checklist for key features and functionality of a sophisticated marketing portal. And while you may not need every feature right away, it’s wise to know what the possibilities are. When the day comes that you need every feature, the portal you invest in should be able to handle it.

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Does Your Marketing Portal Offer Enough ‘Print Intelligence’?

Organizing, storing and having access to all of your digital marketing assets in one place is clearly the primary objective when you’re shopping for a marketing portal. But there are additional benefits, particularly when this portal includes global web-to-print capabilities.

One of these added benefits is inventory management. Now, you might think this is a dry-as-toast concept. But we’re not talking about merely getting an alert when “Sales Flyer #16” is running low, triggering a re-order at the printer’s.

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5 Ways Marketing Benefits from a DAM System

A Digital Asset Management (DAM) system is every marketer’s savior. This software solution helps companies create, manage, upload, file, store and share their digital content on any platform. A DAM (or sometimes called a MAM - Marketing Asset Management system) should be the central hub for all of your digital marketing files, including documents, logos, photos and other images, videos, and templates. The bigger your company, the more critical your DAM system. And marketers should be involved in the selection of the DAM provider – it’s not just an IT issue.

Here are the 5 top ways marketers benefit from DAM.

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Do You Get Shipping Intelligence with Your Marketing Portal?

As a marketer, you may feel like you’re at the mercy of the major freight delivery companies. And yet, while you can’t negotiate their pricing, you can indeed have some control over how your materials get shipped.

When it comes to online shopping, the more options you’re given about shipping, the more cost-effective your decisions will be.
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Why does a print and fulfillment company need a CTO?

Why does any company need a CTO? Formerly a position found primarily in tech start-ups and IT solution providers, the Chief Technology Officer is becoming a more common member of the C-level executive lineup in companies whose operations are not rooted in the tech sector.

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