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OnFulfillment at 15!

Fifteen years ago, OnFulfillment was  in a 1000 square foot warehouse that was loaned to me by a great friend and mentor, Jim Moreton, now departed. The internet was the Wild West, and we were six months from the bubble bursting on a large portion the early adopters of the dot com craze. At that point, we were convinced that the internet would change the fulfillment business forever.  By us, I mean Dan Barnett and I. Shared information, universal access and real-time transactions – the possibilities were endless. We had an idea, enthusiasm, and a great support structure of friends and colleagues.

Our first customer was Zilog Corporation and Debra Erickson. Debra and I still exchange Christmas cards. No one wants to be the first customer, so I can’t thank her enough for our start. With Zilog on board, we had product in our warehouse and projects to do. At first my wife, kids and I did the work at home, but we soon hired  Juan Rosales from my previous job, and now I knew the work would get done. And so it continued as we added one new customer at a time. We soon moved to Hayward where another friend rented us space on a month to month basis.

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Use Your Marketing Resource Center for Easier Event Management

Event marketers wear many hats. Their job runs the gamut from overall event marketing strategy, creative and design, managing content and speakers, promotion to drive attendance, event logistics and general herding of cats! In addition, in recent years they’ve also had to become experts on new technologies and apps to manage their events, and the ins and outs of social media for event promotion. 

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OnFulfillment Customer Sponsors Solar Impulse

We were excited to learn that our client, SunPower, is a sponsor and partner of the Solar Impulse. SunPower Maxeon™ solar cell technology powers the Solar Impulse, a prototype solar airplane that is powered entirely by the sun. Solar Impulse landed Sunday at Washington Dulles International Airport, its second to last leg of a cross country journey which started in San Francisco at the beginning of May and ends in New York in July.

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Love OnFulfillment? Refer a colleague.

Calling all happy OnFulfillment customers. Do you love OnFulfillment? Your mission - should you choose to accept it - refer your friends and colleagues to OnFulfillment. If your referral becomes a customer within 6 months, we'll thank you with an iPad mini when your referral's OnFulfillment portal goes live! Watch now.

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Well Deserved Award for Our Training Fulfillment Team

One of our largest clients is a 4 billion dollar network security company.  Their Education Services team was having their twice yearly global planning session last week. About 15 people from around the globe came to Sunnyvale, California to attend the week long session. We were asked to present two major technology initiatives we have in progress with them. One is the further integration of OnSecure with their LMS System as well as allowing their training partners the use of OnSecure for their customers. The second is currently Top Secret but it further streamlines, reduces delivery costs and allows for a more personalized experience for their customers. This new offering will launch in the spring.

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OnFulfillment Customers Helping Customers

Our favorite kind of customer or potential customer at OnFulfillment is one that wants to take advantage of all the resources that we have to offer. These are not just our technology, experience and global facilities, but our 80 plus customers and their willingness to share best practices with our other customers. Of course, this would not be the case if they are competitors! But our customers sharing ideas with each other has tremendous benefits.

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