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Go Ahead. Give Away Your Content.

If were playing a round of word association and I shouted out “Content!” you’d probably holler back, “Marketing!” Like Pavlov’s dogs, we’re just conditioned that way in 2015. Content’s importance as a marketing strategy is big and getting bigger.

Late last year, according to IDC, CMOs at the largest tech companies said that “Building out content marketing as an organizational competency was the 2nd most important initiative, only behind ROI.” As a result (or an indication, actually), tech companies have been pouring money, staff and energy into developing their content marketing efforts.

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The Beating Heart of Content Marketing

The phrase “content marketing” is on every marketer’s tongue. Author and master “Marketeer” Seth Godin stated in 2008 that it’s “all the marketing’s that left.” There’s a terrific post by Joe Pulizzi of CMI (Content Marketing Institute) that covers several important points made by Godin during a teleseminar (beam me up!) he’d just attended back then, which also featured David Meerman Scott and Michael Port. They discussed the concept of content marketing.

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