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Do You Need a Courseware Management Program? Take the Quiz!

If you’re a growing technology company, you likely have a growing and robust Education Services business. As you are generating training revenue, you also need to control your training costs. Managing and distributing all of your training materials (digital and printed) requires a system, allowing you to deliver training courseware accurately, quickly and cost effectively.

Are you still handling it yourself? Is it overwhelming? Wouldn’t an automated program help streamline this function – allowing you to focus on filling seats?

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A courseware management program might be the answer. It’s based on a centralized web portal. It lets your training team manage all of their courseware online, so they can access, edit, and distribute it seamlessly, right through the system.

A complete courseware management program contains the following elements: 

  • Digital Asset Management (DAM)
  • Print On Demand (POD)
  • Secure Online Document Delivery (e-Books)
  • Personalization / Co-Branding for your Authorized Training Partners (ATPs)
  • Custom Courseware for Prescriptive Learning
  • Approval Workflows & User Management
  • Global Fulfillment with Kitting & Assembly
  • Public e-Commerce Web Store with Credit Card processing
  • Revenue Management for all internal & external payment types

Take this simple quiz to determine if going to an automated courseware management program is warranted: 



If you score between 1-3, you could possibly benefit from a courseware mangement program but we need more information.  If you score 4 or more, we can definitely save you time and money as you continue to grow your Education Services Business. In either case, contact us here to request a consultation. 


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