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Steve Friar

Steve Friar

Steve is President and founder of OnFulfillment.

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Direct Mail Best Practices Part 5 – the Printing!

When you're crafting a direct mail campaign, a mega-consideration has to be (what else?!) the printing itself. This post is part of our Direct Mail Best Practices series. Do check out our previous blogs to get you set up and ready to go with a new campaign.

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Direct Mail Best Practices Part 4 - The Call to Action

Here's another key element in your direct mail campaign: The Call to Action, or CTA. This is what we're covering in the 4th part of our series on Direct Mail Best Practices. Ahead of it came The List, The Message, and The Creative. Whatever you do, don't forget about the Call to Action.

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Direct Mail Best Practices Part 3 - The Creative

Here’s the third post in our series on Direct Mail Best Practices. We’ve covered The List and The Message so far. Now, let’s talk about The Creative. Whatever shape your direct mail campaign takes, if it isn’t eye catching, you’ve wasted the entire effort.

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Direct Mail Best Practices Part 2 – Create a Compelling Message

This is the second post in our series on Direct Mail Best Practices. It’s such an important topic that we decided to cover it in a series of posts rather then one big one. This post focuses on the “meat” of your direct mail campaign: the message.

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Direct Mail Best Practices Part 1 – Start with the List

You come across lots of blog posts that encompass a whole lot of individual “must-dos” for the perfect direct mail campaign. We thought we’d tackle the most important best practices of direct mail one at a time in a series over the next several weeks.

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Finding the Winning Promo Item for Your Next Trade Show

When it comes to your upcoming trade show, there is a lot for you to think about—from pre-show promotion to everything you need to bring to make your display stand out. But what can really help draw in your audience, ensuring they stop to talk instead of casually glancing and walking past, are your promo items.

Promo items help your prospects remember who you are after the show, ensuring your brand is kept top of mind. So, while it might be easy to buy large quantities of cost effective or generic promo items, you need to find a way to stand out. Think about what the other vendors at your event are going to be giving away. Will your item be duplicated across multiple booths?  Is it too common or expected? You don't want to be giving your best prospect their tenth company pen of the day.

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Do You Need a Courseware Management Program? Take the Quiz!

If you’re a growing technology company, you likely have a growing and robust Education Services business. As you are generating training revenue, you also need to control your training costs. Managing and distributing all of your training materials (digital and printed) requires a system, allowing you to deliver training courseware accurately, quickly and cost effectively.

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Two Ways Global Training Teams Can Cut Costs

As we head into the new year, it may be the right time for you to review the cost of printing and shipping your global training materials.

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What's New at OnFulfillment

OnFulfillment has moved to new offices after 12 years on Filbert Street in Newark. The move is reflective of the constant changes at OnFulfillment and the world. Twelve years ago, we were 10% office and 90% warehouse, print and fulfillment. We are now 40% office and 60% warehouse. We are still in the same business we have been in for 18 years, we deliver and manage content for companies. It has just moved more and more to digital.

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Why Training Teams Need Print-on-Demand (POD)

Please tell us your Education Services organization isn’t wasting time shopping for commercial printers every time they need to print courseware. That practice went out with the Rolodex.

The last thing your training team needs is to stress about producing courseware. These critical printed pieces must be produced and delivered efficiently, customized as needed, and free of mistakes.

The solution lies within your courseware web portal – as long as it offers print-on-demand (POD) functionality.

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