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Tips for First-Time Dreamforce Exhibitors

Are you planning to exhibit for the first time at this year’s Dreamforce in San Francisco? Well then, get ready, get set, and go prepared.

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The Importance of Secure Electronic Training Materials

Are you in the business of developing online training materials? Whether you’re producing them for your own company or for your customers, you’ll recognize these three priorities: time-sensitivity, flexibility, and (most of all) security.

Are You an East Coast Dreamforce Exhibitor?

Dreamforce is right around the corner. This year’s technology show, hosted by Salesforce, runs from September 15 – 18th. It’s just about the best opportunity for tech vendors to showcase their stuff. Expect to be wowed: there will be well over 100,000 attendees this year.

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Does Your Marketing Portal Offer Enough "Print Intelligence"?

Organizing, storing and having access to all of your digital marketing assets in one place is clearly the primary objective when you’re shopping for a marketing portal. But there are additional benefits, particularly when this portal includes global web-to-print capabilities.

One of these added benefits is inventory management. Now, you might think this is a dry-as-toast concept. But we’re not talking about merely getting an alert when “Sales Flyer #16” is running low, triggering a re-order at the printer’s.

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5 Ways Marketing Benefits from a DAM System

A Digital Asset Management (DAM) system is every marketer’s savior.

This software solution helps companies create, manage, upload, file, store and share their digital content on any platform. A DAM (or sometimes called a MAM - Marketing Asset Management system) should be the central hub for all of your digital marketing files, including documents, logos, photos and other images, videos, and templates. The bigger your company, the more critical your DAM system. And marketers should be involved in the selection of the DAM provider – it’s not just an IT issue.

Here are the 5 top ways marketers benefit from DAM.

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Is Your Global Print-On-Demand Provider As Good As It Gets?

If your company has a global presence and you have offices worldwide, you’ll want to work with one provider to deliver all of your Print On Demand (POD) services. Having one print partner means your materials originate from a central source (an online, web-based ordering system) and that quality and production of these materials is consistent and of high quality.

As critical as document management and centralized printing is, don’t overlook the importance of your global requirements where POD materials are concerned.

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