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Fun With Training Vouchers - CEdMA Spring 2015

Thanks for having us at the Spring 2015 CEdMA Conference.  Below is the slide deck presented during the conference.


Training Voucher Programs enable Education Services teams to:   

  • Drive additional training revenue
  • Increase access to training
  • Increase certification rates
  • Include training in sales incentive programs
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Who’s Using QR Codes at Events? Raise Your Hands!

Don’t be so quick to conclude that QR codes (Quick Response codes) are fading away. Just the opposite: these days, companies are concocting all sorts of creative applications for these data-filled little squares that you see printed everywhere.

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Did You Know There’s a Professional Organization Just for Training Execs in Tech?

There are lots of organizations for professionals who are training executives, but did you know there’s one that caters strictly to those in the tech industry?

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