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How to Tell If Your Courseware Management Program Is Serving You Well

If the education services your company offers is growing, and you’re adding more training courses in more locations and perhaps even in different languages, you need a system to manage this content for you.

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Print Abides

Have you noticed that people who shout, “Print’s not dead!” tend to be printers or those who make their living off of print? It’s not a coincidence. Fighting for your livelihood is practical. And noble.

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Print, the Comeback Kid

Maybe you want to reconsider jumping on that “digital-above-all” bandwagon. There are indications of late that printed materials are still quite effective in marketing campaigns.

Here are some recent news items about printed materials used for marketing that are worth a look-see:

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Is Your Marketing Asset Management System Delivering the Goods?

More and more companies have turned to marketing technologies to help manage their marketing activities, from lead management all the way through delivery of printed marketing materials.

Central to this type of technology is your digital asset repository. Most likely, this means you have a marketing portal to house your firm’s digital assets. This helps you manage, track, update and share things like corporate logos, marketing copy, photos, courseware, and product information.

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