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What Is an Integrated Print & Web Campaign? [Part 3]

This is the third in a series about integrated marketing campaigns. If you want to be kept updated on new posts, subscribe on the form to the right.  Read Part 1 and Part 2.

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Print Buyer Tips: Common Binding & Finishing Techniques

When people talk about printing, they usually focus on the front end of the process – the design, the size, the format, the colors (like 4C and PMS colors), the paper, and the printing itself – digital, offset, and screen, to name just three.

But let’s not forget the “back end” of the process – the stuff that happens to a print job after it comes off the press.

Post-press operations are a combination of binding and finishing.

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How Much Tech Support Comes with Your Marketing Portal?

As you’re evaluating potential marketing portal partners for your company, don’t neglect an important criterion that many marketers might overlook: technical support.

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