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What Is an Integrated Print and Web Campaign? [Part 2]

This is the second in a series about integrated marketing campaigns. If you want to be kept updated on new posts, subscribe on the form to the right.  You can also read part 1 here.

Step 2: Add PURLs, QR Codes, or Other Tracking Software

If you’re creating an integrated direct mail campaign, and you’re producing printed pieces right from your marketing portal, you need to track the printed component. Without tracking the results, you can’t measure a campaign’s effectiveness.

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The 5 Most Critical Design for Print Tips

For whatever reason, printers seem to get blamed for all kinds of printing bloopers. We’re all familiar with the phrase “printing mistake” or “printer’s error” in news stories about embarrassing or expensive printed mistakes. It somehow always boils down to the printer, regardless of who else might have handled the job.

Voucher Programs = Peace of Mind for Training Organizations

If you’re in the business of selling software or hardware, you’re also in the business of training. You probably have a considerable amount of training materials, which may be printed materials or electronic documents – or both.

Whatever format they  take, training organizations need a system for managing and distributing training materials quickly, securely, and cost effectively. This is especially challenging if you have voucher programs, which offer prepaid classes or certification exams via redemption of a code.

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