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8 Tips for Holiday Fulfillment

When fall rolls around, moms gear up for a new school year, retailers stock their shelves for holiday shoppers, and marketers prepare for product launches and year-end deliveries that revolve around the holidays.

Now’s the time to keep in mind how clogged the mail and package delivery channels get between Thanksgiving and the final notes of “Auld Lang Syne.” On your mark, get set, gird yourself!


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What Is an Integrated Print & Web Campaign? [Part 1]

This is the first in a series about integrated marketing campaigns. If you want to be kept updated on new posts, subscribe on the form to the right...

Step 1: Print Say Hello to Data...

You’re probably familiar with terms like web-to-print, integrated print campaigns, and multi-channel marketing. These terms get thrown about like rice after a wedding, but they’re not that simple to understand.This post is the first of several that will explain the basics of an integrated direct mail campaign. With this one, we’re focusing on combining print with your database. Each post will build upon the previous one. (When all is done, you’ll have a handy reference guide to share with your colleagues!)

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6 Sure-As-Shootin’ Signs You Need a Marketing Portal

Marketing portals are powerful management tools that help you organize your corporate digital assets in ways that make you more efficient. They give you the power to produce customized printed materials when they’re needed, in the exact quantities requested. A portal means you have, at your fingertips, a manageable system for cataloguing and accessing all kinds of digital content that’s used by numerous people who work in or with your organization. It also functions as a highly sophisticated but easy-to-use reporting engine that brings sanity to an otherwise logistical nightmare.

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