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5 Telltale Signs that Your Print Partner Is Thoroughly Modern

It’s too bad there’s no clearinghouse for information about which printing companies are modern – meaning they’ve continuously kept current with new printing technologies, and they speak the language of today’s marketers. With 30,000+ printers in the U.S. alone to work with, what’s a marketer to do when he or she is searching for a reputable and resourceful printer? A few tips on how to spot a “modern” printer might help.

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9 Reasons Education Services May Need a Courseware Management Program

Experienced Educations Services teams know that print & fulfillment of training manuals can be one of your largest expenses. A comprehensive Courseware Management Program can help you gain control over these costs. But how do you know that a comprehensive Courseware Management Program is right for you? Browse through this slideshare to learn the top 9 reasons why a courseware management program may be needed.

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Here’s Something Your Channel Partners Will Love

Let’s imagine that you manufacture medical equipment, which is sold by dozens of channel partners all across the country. They may be product distributors, retailers, VARs (value-added-resellers), dealers, or other organizations.

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