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Congrats – You’re a Print Buyer! Now What?

You may be a bona fide marketing professional, but if your job includes getting your company’s trade show materials printed, or you’ve been tapped to find a resource for a variable data postcard campaign, guess what? You’re a print buyer. Congrats!

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Why does a print and fulfillment company need a CTO?

Why does any company need a CTO? Formerly a position found primarily in tech start-ups and IT solution providers, the Chief Technology Officer is becoming a more common member of the C-level executive lineup in companies whose operations are not rooted in the tech sector.

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Thanks for having us at the CEdMA Spring Conference!

We recently had the opportunity to sponsor the 2014 CEdMA spring conference in San Jose, which was hosted inside the beautiful Brocade building. CEdMA (the Computer Education Management Association) is the foremost organization for training executives and managers within technology companies. If you are an education management professional for a software or hardware manufacturer that delivers training on your products, than you are a perfect candidate for CEdMA.

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Practice Eco Friendly Printing with Print on Demand

Do marketers care whether their service partners practice environmentally friendly business practices? Absolutely! However, you must be careful to look “under the hood” when considering working with a company that tosses around the term “sustainability” like beads off a Mardi Gras float in New Orleans. You can get swept away by promises and bravado.

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Managing your courseware as you mature from start-up to enterprise

Most training teams at high tech companies start out fairly small doing everything in-house themselves. In start-up mode, training managers are required to wear multiple hats, responsible for not only curriculum development, technical writing, and conducting training but also for identifying and scheduling training locations, ordering catering, and printing & shipping training materials. They have to handle all of the other day-to-day operations necessary in establishing, running and growing a world class Education Services business.

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