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Argh, matey! Have your training materials been pirated?

We recently had a customer's student send us a link to a website where he was able to search and find the same training materials - that he had just purchased - posted publicly for free. You can imagine how frustrating it would be to a course attendee who just paid more than $1000 to attend your software training class to find the same training materials posted for free on-line. And how frustrating this situation would be to you, who spent countless hours to develop a great software training course and the accompanying materials and lab exercises.

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[Video] Introducing OnSecure - Secure Online Document Delivery

Training pros have lots to worry about - creating courses, new learning technologies, scheduling and logistics, fill rates and sales, controlling c  osts and growing margins. The list could go on and on.

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3 Ways Training Teams Can Control Fulfillment Costs

Education Services teams, particularly those in software or other high tech companies, are responsible for not only driving license product adoption, but also for delivering their own separate services revenue stream. Driving higher sales and lower costs are key. Costs are somewhat more under your control, and cutting costs might make the difference between meeting your sales number and not. Leading analysts reveal that a five point increase in your profit margin is the equivalent to a 20% increase in sales. And, according to Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA), one of the top 3 challenges for Education Services teams is "growing margins by reducing delivery expense."

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