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Dear Marketing, Where in the World Are Those Sales Materials?

Dear Marketing,

We just wasted 45 minutes scouring the company’s site and Intranet site, looking for the sales brochure on our latest launch. It was agonizing. This is happening all the time now, so we had to address it.

We’re on the verge of losing a huge prospect we’ve been courting for weeks. All because we can’t get our hands on the materials we’ve been promising them. For the love of God, please help!

For the sake of all of us in Sales, we’re BEGGING you to find a better way to get us our sales materials. We need to have 24/7 access, regardless of where we are.

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Event Management Got You Running Ragged? Vendor Consolidation Is Key

So the head of corporate sales put you in charge of managing events nationwide, and this year you’re looking at 400+ shows coast to coast. 🙄

Forget the fact you thought your new degree in marketing would launch your career in brand management. But how did you end up spending your Fridays chasing multiple vendors for booth banners, signage, pop-up displays, and promotional materials?

Truth is, most marketing professionals lack the background in (and desire for) vendor management. They’re not familiar with sourcing commercial print, packaging, promotional products, or fulfillment services. It’s a responsibility wrapped around a million tiny details. Things can go haywire very quickly.

Prior to working with Onfulfillment, one client spent much of her Fridays running between two buildings, filling orders for different salespeople.

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Earn the Love of Your Event Managers With Your Marketing Portal

A company’s event manager typically handles multiple events at the same time. Making sure that trade show materials like printed pieces, booth items, signage, and promotional items all get to Venue A, Venue B, and so on, is the stuff of migraines. Big, fat, gut-wrenching migraines.

There’s one way to make these logistical headaches disappear: let your Marketing Portal handle this work for you.

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2 Portals, 1 Vendor = Maximum Efficiency for B2B2C Firms

If your company sells products and services to consumers through an external sales channel, your marketing team may be working twice as hard as it needs to. And doing so inefficiently.

Here’s where a two-portal solution can help your bottom line while streamlining the marketing and fulfillment functions.

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Better Together: MRC + Fulfillment for Better Event Management

Like milk & cookies, like peanut butter and jelly, like green eggs & ham – somethings are just better together.  Combining your traditional print-on-demand marketing resource center (MRC) with the capability to warehouse and fulfill the physical materials needed for events is a no brainer. 

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Direct Mail Best Practices Part 7 - Tracking Your Campaign

Today’s post is the final one in our series on Direct Mail Best Practices. Hopefully, you’ve been following along all these weeks! So far in this series, we’ve covered the list, the message, the creative, the Call to Action (CTA), the printing/mailing, and the integration. That brings us to a very important element that all marketers care about: the tracking.

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Direct Mail Best Practices Part 6 - Integrating Your Campaign

Marketers have their hands full with every direct mail campaign. We sympathize. We’ve been blogging about Direct Mail Best Practices for a while, since these projects are complex. Hopefully, you’ve caught them all!

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Direct Mail Best Practices Part 5 – the Printing!

When you're crafting a direct mail campaign, a mega-consideration has to be (what else?!) the printing itself. This post is part of our Direct Mail Best Practices series. Do check out our previous blogs to get you set up and ready to go with a new campaign.

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Direct Mail Best Practices Part 4 - The Call to Action

Here's another key element in your direct mail campaign: The Call to Action, or CTA. This is what we're covering in the 4th part of our series on Direct Mail Best Practices. Ahead of it came The List, The Message, and The Creative. Whatever you do, don't forget about the Call to Action.

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Direct Mail Best Practices Part 3 - The Creative

Here’s the third post in our series on Direct Mail Best Practices. We’ve covered The List and The Message so far. Now, let’s talk about The Creative. Whatever shape your direct mail campaign takes, if it isn’t eye catching, you’ve wasted the entire effort.

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