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2 Portals, 1 Vendor = Maximum Efficiency for B2B2C Firms

If your company sells products and services to consumers through an external sales channel, your marketing team may be working twice as hard as it needs to. And doing so inefficiently.

Here’s where a two-portal solution can help your bottom line while streamlining the marketing and fulfillment functions.

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Creating Your Event Collateral Shouldn’t Be Like Wrestling an Alligator

When your company’s planning to participate in an event, how do you handle the event exhibit materials and collateral?

Is it done helter-skelter at the last minute? Is it handled by too many people, who don’t communicate with one another? Do you tend to run out of handout materials at events?

At the end of the day, when you look at all of the collateral created to promote your event, does it look like a sorry collection of mismatched print and promotional materials?

If you’ve answered, “Yes!” to any of these questions, it’s time to get control over your firm’s event materials.

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Marketing Portal Requirements Checklist

Sure, it can be overwhelming to consider all of the options when you’re shopping for a marketing portal. The terminology is inconsistent from company to company, making it more difficult to figure out what a particular portal solution will provide.

So we thought it made sense to create this checklist for key features and functionality of a sophisticated marketing portal. And while you may not need every feature right away, it’s wise to know what the possibilities are. When the day comes that you need every feature, the portal you invest in should be able to handle it.

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Medical Device Marketing Just Got WAY Easier

A common challenge among medical device manufacturers who sell products to channels such as physician networks is how to market their products effectively. Typically, a manufacturer’s sales rep trains physicians on proper use of a device so that they can market it to their patients.

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Are You Connecting the Dots Between Your Marketing Portal & Your Content Marketing Efforts?

Do you sometimes wonder if there’s any other marketing besides content marketing? In 2008, Seth Godin said it’s the only marketing left. In 2014, a post on Forbes’ web site included a statement saying that “by 2013, use of content marketing had jumped across corporations from 60% a year or so before, to 93% as part of their overall marketing strategy.” And according to CMI’s 2013 benchmark study, 91% of B2B marketers are using content marketing.

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Does Your Marketing Portal Offer Enough ‘Print Intelligence’?

Organizing, storing and having access to all of your digital marketing assets in one place is clearly the primary objective when you’re shopping for a marketing portal. But there are additional benefits, particularly when this portal includes global web-to-print capabilities.

One of these added benefits is inventory management. Now, you might think this is a dry-as-toast concept. But we’re not talking about merely getting an alert when “Sales Flyer #16” is running low, triggering a re-order at the printer’s.

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What Do Mary Poppins and a Marketing Portal Have in Common?

Imagine you’ve searched for months to find the perfect nanny for your active kids. In walks a modern-day Mary Poppins, with a decade of experience, glowing recommendations, and the sweetest of personalities. Even your kids take a shine to her.

Would you hire her on the spot, no questions asked? Hardly. There are important questions every parent asks someone they’re considering leaving in charge of their precious offspring.

You’d grill her, we daresay, to make sure she’s 100% trustworthy and responsible.

Investing in a marketing portal isn’t the same as hiring a nanny, granted. But it’s a major commitment of time and resources. Once you’ve chosen a portal provider, you don’t want to find out after the fact that the company looked great on paper but turned out to be a disaster.

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Settle Down. You Don’t Need to Eat the Whole MarTech Pie at Once.

If you’ve any doubt that the marketing technology (or 'martech') industry is growing hand-over-fist, all you need to do is take a peek at Scott Brinker’s 2015 marketing technology landscape supergraphic. Scott’s the Co-Founder and CTO of ion interactive, and he writes the Chief Marketing Technologist blog. He started this supergraphic in 2011, and with just one look you’ll grasp the size and complexity of martech vendors. There were about 100 companies in that first infographic he created, and since then, the landscape has exploded.

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Is Your Marketing Asset Management System Delivering the Goods?

More and more companies have turned to marketing technologies to help manage their marketing activities, from lead management all the way through delivery of printed marketing materials.

Central to this type of technology is your digital asset repository. Most likely, this means you have a marketing portal to house your firm’s digital assets. This helps you manage, track, update and share things like corporate logos, marketing copy, photos, courseware, and product information.

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How Much Tech Support Comes with Your Marketing Portal?

As you’re evaluating potential marketing portal partners for your company, don’t neglect an important criterion that many marketers might overlook: technical support.

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